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Q:  When is Egolf Park Pavilion available to rent?

A:  Egolf Park Pavilion is available to rent 365 days a year.

*If the gate is open, the pavilion is rented & in use.

Q:  Does Egolf Park have electricity?

A: Yes! The pavilion does have lights, electrical outlets & overhead fans.

Q:  Does Egolf Park have running water?

A:  Yes, there is a water* pump on the property but bringing bottle drinking water or water to clean is always a good idea.

        *This water is untested

Q:  Does Egolf Park have restroom facilities?

A:  Yes, there are outdoor restrooms available as well as a handicapped accessible Porta-John.

Q:  Is alcohol permitted at Egolf Park?

A:  Yes, alcohol is permitted for those guests 21+.

Q:  How much does it cost to rent Egolf Park Pavilion?

A: $60/ day for NON Egolf Park Associate Members plus $100 security deposit.

     $50/ day for Egolf Park Associate Members.

     Click here to inquiry about being an associate member of Egolf Park Preserve


Q:  How do I get into Egolf Park?

A:  Once your deposit is secured & the proper forms have been received, you will be given access information.

Q:  Are ATV's or similar vehicles allowed in Egolf Park?

A:  No, these types of vehicles are not permitted in the park.

Q:  Are dogs permitted in Egolf Park?

A:  Yes, leashed dogs are permitted in the park.

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