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About Egolf Park

Forest Trees
Egolf Park Monument

The History of Egolf Park

It all started in 1929.  A. B. (Abram Burton) and Lyda Carter Egolf, Bedford Borough residents, donated approximately ten acres of land situate in Snake Spring Township to Bedford Borough, to be used by all as a public park.  A. B., a lumber businessman, bank director, and community-minded citizen had just purchased the Fyan farm on the east side of Bedford.  The Bedford community and surrounding area lacked a large outdoor facility for gatherings and the Park soon became a popular public outdoor area with a large pavilion and a safe playground for children.  Family reunions, community picnics, and events for the school children were held on the grounds following its dedication ceremony on August 22, 1929.  By the late 1970's the Park went into a slow decline.  In 2010, Bedford Borough decided to sell the Park. However, local citizens, family descendants and Park neighbors objected and formed "Egolf Park Associates, Inc." (EPA), a non-profit organization. EPA eventually was able to lease the Park from Bedford Borough and in the summer of 2013 began the task of returning the Park to its former beauty. With this new vision and intentions, EPA renamed the Park "Egolf Park Preserve."  The original pavilion now has a new roof and has been painted. Brush, trees, and grass is being trimmed or removed.  The restrooms were redone and a new parking/driveway was completed by local Eagle Scouts. Subsequently picnic tables and benches were added.  In 2016 electricity was installed in the Pavilion.  A new nature trail was prepared and the 2015 Adult Leadership Class expanded upon it for use by those who enjoy walking, bird-watching, or just the serene beauty of the Park.


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