We had another successful sale.  Thank you everyone!

We have more wreaths planned for next year.

2016 Christmas Swag Sale

  • Reservations are required for pavilion use. Contact Bill Popovich for details.
  • Park grounds & nature trail are open to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Some Re-Dedication photos of August, 2014:

We learned a school once sat on the Egolf Park grounds, referred to as the Fyan School.  We subsequently located an old Teacher's log for the school, but have no other information.

Scout Levi Felix gives squirrel feeders and birdhouses to Egolf Park member Gwen

​Planning, planning...

Egolf Park in Bedford, PA 15522

​(just off Rt. 30 at the "Narrows Bridge") ​corner of Egolf & Main Roads

Our "physical" address is 2401 Egolf Road... Use it for GPS).

Nathaniel is making his "umpteenth" trip down over the hill to the nature trail.

​Erik & Matthew Semanek and Tom Cessna work on the wood chips at the southern end of the nature trail.

Nicholas & Nathaniel Semanek, Ronnie Cessna and Stacey Wakeman begin placing wood chips on the northern end of the nature trail.

Bill Popovich, President

5425 Business Route 220

Bedford, PA    15522


​(This is the "corporate" address)

Get in touch...

So many paint choices to make

Trimming, cleaning

The upkeep of the Park and continued revitalization for public usage is dependent upon community support whether in labor, materials, supplies, or financial. No donation in any form is too small.

We are thankful to all the Scouts who helped with many projects.   We also thank the many individuals & companies who have contributed funds or supplies, in support for the revitalization of Egolf Park Preserve. 

or emails:



Visit nature with us!

We've got this!

Our 2nd year Christmas fresh pine swag sale.  

Sheryl Ritchey is our "chief

bow and swag constructionist".

Without her expertise, we'd be lost!

The Baby Boomers

provide wonderful music for the event.

This little girl is thrilled to meet Smokey Bear.

​Anyone know who she is?

Discussions and "head scratching"....how does this tent go together???

The majority of those standing outside are "member workers", because there was insufficient room inside.


Park member "Ronnie" Cessna is the first to get her face-painting by Jessica Benton.


PA. Rep. Jesse Topper, one of our speakers, greets Bedford Borough Council Member Steve George

Lines start to get tickets for prizes, etc.